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Local Artist Mary Kelly will be here for two more weeks.

If you're looking for something to fit that wall space why not support an artist and make it an orginal piece of art?   
Mary's oil paintings feature Gloucester, Essex, Maine, Mystic River and more...
You can only find paintings of local places from local artists.  

Dotty Pullo's painted ice skates with New England scenes only be here for a short time.  We have 4 in stock.

​If you need Roses for Valentine's Day,  please order ahead of time.  Pick-up only.

GARDENS GALORE; Gallery, Gifts and more...
300 TradeCenter Dr, Suite 1450.
Woburn, MA  01801
Next to Dunkin Donuts

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As of November 22, 2017, we have over 170 American craftsmen and artists selling their artwork.  Everything from paintings to handcrafted wood jewelry boxes, from jewelry to hand knits.  Featured local painting artists:  Mary Kelly, Tracy Levesque, Dotty Pullo, Alyssa Waters.
From New England & US:
Clay:  Spooner Creek, WI, All Fired Up, Plays in Mud, Don Williams, Daria Petch-Canada, 
Clocks: Duanne Schere-MI, Deborah Dickenson-WV, Spooner Creek-WI, All Fired Up
Glass:  Kroma-CA Henrietta-RI, Glass Smith Studio-WI,  Ming Martin, Jan Wilcox, Shadz's Glass, Vintage pieces.
Games: Wilderness woods, Cogworks, Klutz, Douglas Plush Toys, 
Jewelry: Kezi, Janet McMillon, Jan Wilcox, Michael, Michaud, Tessoro, Vanucci, Johanna Devine, Barbie Levy, Amy Pfaffman, 3 Escargots, Alice Woods,  in house studio pieces
Jigsaw Puzzles:  Linda Corapi Bolles, Sunsout, Dowdle
Silks:  Silk Sensations-CO, Kavita-CA, Lucia-CT
Mirrors:  Zetamari-WA, Light Reflections
Wood:  David Levy-CA, Mikutowski, Natural Renaissance, Heatwood Creations, Wilderness Woods, Cogworks, David Janelle, 
General Gifts:  Maple Leather Bags, Exotic Sands-UT, Village Designs, Natural Renaissance, Gail Merrikin, Michelle Corapi ... 

We also have a wonderful selection of travel friendly apparel for today's professional woman, including a selection of evening and special occassion dresses by Frank Lyman and Jackets by Design Todays.  Ranging in size from XS to XXL

We pride ourselves on diversity and perfer to carry a small quantity of "one of a kind" items made by many artists.  Ranging in price from $10 -  $4,000.
We also change our inventory frequently, so sign up for emails for notices, coupons and events.